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Older Puppies

Isadora - 4 months old

Mother: Summer

Father: Cagney

Age: Born December 25, 2017

Gender: female

Size: medium

Isadora is a lovely brown female who will be medium in size - about 17 or 18 inches at the shoulder and likely between 30 and 35 lbs. Isadora was born during Christmas dinner 2017 - just coming up 4 months old. She is crate trained, doggy door trained and most importantly, cuddle trained. Isadora will change color and be more of a parchment in color once she is an adult. You can see the lovely cream changing on her face now.

All of our puppies are

Current on vaccinations
Trained to come to their names
Crate Trained
Doggy Door Trained
Completely Huggable!!