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Labradoodle's Looking For A Guardian Home


Mother: Ultra

Father: Joey

Age: Born October 17th. 2017

Gender: female

Size: standard

Dolly finds herself looking for a Guardian Home again - her previous family was forced to travel alot for their work which left Dolly lonely so they have graciously brought her back to us to find a new family. Dolly is kind and gentle, has a luscious shiny black non-shedding fleece coat. She will be a small standard in size when full grown.


Mother: Truffle

Father: Ulric

Age: Born December 21, 2017

Gender: female

Size: medium

Honey is a lovely cream large medium female with a quiet and demure personality. Honey is looking for a loving Guardian home - she will be ready to join her new family March 9th.


Mother: Summer

Father: Cagney

Age: Born on Christmas Day - 2017.

Gender: female

Size: medium

Indigo is a large medium brown female with a loving personality. She is wanting to please and really enjoys a cuddle. With an allergy and asthma non-shedding coat - she would be able to fit in with your family. Indigo will be ready to join her family March 12th.


Mother: Reece

Father: Cagney

Age: Born Jan 21. 2018

Gender: female

Size: mini

Joanie is a loving little sprite with happy fun loving personality. She is a cuddler and an inquisitive little girl who should finish growing around the 14 or 15 inch mark and likely around 15 to 18 lbs.

Guardian Program

Canadoodle’s Guardian Home Expectations

Where and what is a Guardian Home?

All of our puppies are

Current on vaccinations
Trained to come to their names
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