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Welcome to Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles where the first Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles were born in North America. Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles began it's journey with the labradoodles in February of 2001 when we opened our home to Tegan Park Payroll "Coal" our black fleece coated standard labradoodle. Sable, our brown standard poodle was already with us and we wished to begin breeding labradoodles. We were so enamoured with Coal that we went ahead and brought over Tegan Park Fantasy Irland "Tassi", our brown fleece coat matriarch, in whelp to Tegan Park Ima Collectors Item "Chester", and the rest is history. Tassi and Chester gave us a whopping litter of 15 brown labradoodle puppies (the largest recorded labradoodle litter for several years) that were extremely robust, healthy little doodles.

We have grown and flourished since then and are continuing to grow and enjoy these wonderful dogs. Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles in an In-Home program, our labradoodles are a part of our family. We have a handful of doodles who live with us and the rest are happily living with their forever Guardian Families. Puppies are all hand whelped and raised in our home and spend their early days in the dining room (the hub of the house) until they are three weeks old. Puppies then move to our family room/dog room where they have doggy doors to our exciting and stimulating puppy play yards.

Our two grandchildren (Zak and Josie ) help to socialize the puppies as well as our group of trusted helpers and their families. Genetic soundness and healthy happy puppies are of the utmost importance to us along with joyful happy families who have come to share our doodles.

Our labradoodles are carefully Health tested to ensure that only the best join our program and become the parents of our future. We raise all three sizes of labradoodles from the mini's around 18 to 20 lbs right on up to the standard around 55 lbs.

We invite you all to join in the joy of making a labradoodle or two or three a part of your happy home!


Canadoodles Labradoodles


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Doodles at Work:

Magic the Therapy Dog

Meet Magic - Therapy Dog

Wonderful things are happening at Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs and Canadoodles is proud to have our Doodles as part of their team!

Canadoodles' Zephyr joins the therapy team too!


We'd like to share this letter with you, from 'Enzo' (formerly Canadoodles' Junior) and his family:

Hi Karen!

 Howard and I think of you and your Canadoodle family often, and pledge that we're going to let you know how much we're enjoying "Junior" Enzo - and then busy life goes on...

 Enzo is now 14 months old (we've had him since July, 2012 when he was just 4 months old), and every day one or the other of us comments on what wonderful joy he has brought to our lives.

Daily long hikes find him prancing up and down trails, head and tail held high in that "Doodle Dance" we've come to recognize and love. He is athletic and agile, and gives our walks joyful purpose and meaning. (He's a great cuddler, too!)

Enzo passed his AKC "Canine Good Citizen" test at 8 months, and remains an obedient, sociable companion in so many environments. He accompanies us on frequent plane and car trips to Canada, the Sierras, and coastal California. He is a welcome guest at some wonderful hotels we've visited, and never fails to get admiring and curious comments from those he meets. (We happily refer interested individuals to the Canadoodle website!)

Both Howard and I are totally in love with this dog, and he has surpassed all your promises of being an intelligent, loving, and balanced animal. He is so much more to us, and we sincerely thank you for helping us find a "perfect" life companion!


 Tracy, Howard and Enzo




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